"Practical knowledge enhances accurate learning" Bearing this in mind we have constructed all the laboratories inside the premises. Besides being aerated all the laboratories are spacious and can accommodate more students during their individual assessments.

a. Science Labs :
The Physics, Chemistry and biology labs are self sufficient with ample standardized, apparatus that cater to all the norms of the board examination. An Exclusive Junior Physics laboratory is situated near the secondary block where students from classes 6 onwards will be taken for their practical classes.

b. Computer Lab :
Adhering to the Hi tech future and to face the vigorous cyber world, utmost importance for computer education is given to our children right from the Kindergarten. Learning computers has become an over whelming process when compared to the massive growth in the educational field. The main objective of learning computers is to establish a foundation, bridge the gap and provide a platform to compete the empowering world of Computer. We have three Computer labs one for the juniors one for the seniors and one for the Higher Secondary that has more than 80 systems with a good infrastructure that intensifies the learning thirst of the students right from the KG to the XII.

c. English Lab :
Today English is looked upon as a language to enrich our knowledge in almost all fields and acts as a medium to connect to the rest of the world. It influences the life style of the individuals across the nations. We have an English language laboratory that helps to impart good fluency and command over the language. Proper communicative skills are enhanced in each student with the help of individual audio Equipment and an LCD lesson manual. The flaws in the speaking of the language is analyzed and rectified by the student himself through the individual audio equipment.

d. Mathematics Lab :
One in its nuance is our maths laboratory that has excellent equipment that helps the students to develop their mental abilities. Play way and creative methods are used to drive away the maths phobia among the students, and instill in them the easy and effective maths learning.
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