Dear Parents,
Salutation to one and all!
It gives me immeasurable joy as I turn over a new leaf of this institution. Last year was an enterprising year with 100 percent results in both the XII and X boards. I congratulate all the X and XII students for their strenuous effort and hard work in keeping up with the tradition of our school. All praise to the untiring travail of our staff who have helped them to attain great heights.

Although academic excellence is our predominant focus we also consciously stress on the total personality development of a child. In this pursuit we endure to provide a curriculum well planned and rich in content so that we will assiduously promote maximum degree of achievement among the learners.

We are able to achieve great heights only because of the enthusiasm and sincerity that we invest. We do our best and the blessings of the almighty takes care of the rest. We await with open arms for an over whelming achievement due for the forth coming year. I wish each and every one of you a happy and prosperous new academic year.
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